Au Revoir, Paris. Jacqueline Foster SHOWDANCE® will miss you!

Jacqueline Foster SHOWDANCE® was in Paris last month and we are ecstatic to share some photos from our Cabaret performance at Le Grand Hotel.

The night transported us all to the old ballrooms of Montparnasse as our Chorus line of SHOWDANCE® performers rond de jambe and high kicked through the night. The beautiful ballrooms and the gorgeous chandelier above were the perfect backdrop for our dancers.  Song after song, dance after dance, we laughed and sang with our audience for the entire night.  The dance floor was packed and every face had a smile – we couldn’t have asked for a more fun or more engaged audience!  It was an absolute pleasure for our entire crew to see such a beautiful place and spend time with such an amazing crowd.

Check out our video and pictures of the timeless Can-can below:


Beautiful architecture characteristic of Paris’ rich culture and history added an extra dimension to the production.


Guests were able to enjoy refreshments and dining during the show, but most took advantage of the opportunity to get up and dance!


The dance floor was packed the entire night.  We loved the romance of this number – everyone dancing together, arm in arm.


And of course, who could forget the incredible Can-can number?


Beautiful costumes and lighting displays helps create a fun, exciting atmosphere.

paris dancing

What can-can is complete with out the iconic dresses?

Paris – even the lighting is gorgeous!

The beautiful chandelier hanging over the entire event!

Paris, we will miss you!

This trip to Paris and the amazing guests we were so fortunate to perform for made this trip one for the books.  The night was over too soon, but the memories will last a lifetime.

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We please everyone and ensure every single person leaves with a smile on their face.  Here’s another review, this one from the Mother of the Bride – she had an unbelievable time at her daughter’s wedding, which we were happy to hear.  Thanks so much, everyone!

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