5 Ways This Hawaiian Destination Wedding Was Picture Perfect

Destination: Hawaii for this Picture Perfect Wedding

Jaqueline Foster SHOWDANCE® had the pleasure of flying out to Hawaii for a picture perfect destination wedding.  Allison was married to Myles in beautiful Hawaii this past month.  Guests stayed the entire weekend and got the complete Hawaiian experience.  Here’s why we think her destination wedding was picture perfect:

1. The View.  Everybody wants their wedding to have the perfect backdrop, whether it be a blanket of fresh white snow or a gorgeous beach sunset spotted with palm trees.  The guests at this wedding had beautiful beach views throughout their stay in Hawaii.

Picture Perfect sunset

2. The Culture.  In addition to this vacation spot being gorgeous, it has its own unique culture.  Guests got to experience a full pig roast and luau for the couple’s rehearsal dinner.

3. The Guests. Supporting the bride and groom were quite a few familiar faces.  Numerous A-list guests were in attendance to wish the happy couple a long and happy marriage.  Fill out the contact form below to inquire about an event, and find out which big names we create events for!

4. Immersion.  Having a destination wedding takes an event from being an evening gathering to being a full blown vacation.  Guests spent the whole weekend on a gorgeous island in Hawaii.

Screen Shot 2014-11-19 at 4.11.20 PM
Every Dance… you guessed it, picture perfect!

5. Fun.  It’s always obvious when a group of people are having fun, and we watched this couple and their guests dance the night away, despite the drizzle of rain we ended up getting.

We are very proud to have been a part of such a wonderful event.  Thank you Allison and Myles for including us, and thanks to all who came in support for making the event such a success.

Backdrop for the band… naturally, Picture Perfect!

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