Love Letter


Wayne Foster Entertainment,


We are so happy we chose Wayne Foster Music & Entertainment for our daughter’s wedding event. The music was phenomenal!

We wanted to have a fun event and you more than exceeded our expectations. The music was marvelous and the enthusiasm of the band was amazing. We had so much fun, I can’t tell you how many letters and emails we have received since, from our guests, that tell us over and over what a fabulous time they had, and that they loved the band, and it was by far, the best wedding our guests have ever attended. You and Wayne and the band produced an event with fabulous professionalism and made our event spectacular! We all danced until the very last song and if I could plan the entire wedding all over again, I would not change a thing. Thank you for making our daughter’s special day, a fairy tale wedding, that was unforgettable!


Please say hello to your mother and father, who I did see on the stage, but didn’t get a chance to chat with, (because I was having so much fun) and tell them they are fabulous and should be so proud to have such an amazing family and band.


Warmest regards,

Renae, and Michael, and Alex Tims









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