Love Letter

Wayne Foster Entertainment,

I should be thanking you, Wayne and Marin and all of the musicians
for such a fabulous evening. When we got home we had numerous messages from
friends who had the best time. All family members were overwhelmed by the
music and the talent on that stage and how you know how to  “involve”
everyone…especially the talented kids who were not afraid to participate.

You ARE a talent! I loved watching you do your magic up there. The music
never stopped and our guests did not want to leave. Jen and Dutch were happy
and my husband was over the moon.

I cannot tell you how I felt when I saw Wayne and the white piano. I was
stunned…no one knew what that was about but you and me and how special
that was. Please thank him and  Marin for me…and especially you for
that generous gift for the special evening. Loved each and every moment of
the celebration…  constant music and enthusiasm. I meant it
when I said it was one of the best and proudest moments of my life. You were
awesome to work with and I won’t ever forget that evening.

Thanks so much,
Dr. and Mrs. Campbell

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