My Sincerest Appreciation

Wayne Foster Entertainment made our daughters wedding an unforgettable event. As we started down the road preparing for the day, WFE came up time and again. Each and every person we spoke to, who had seen Wayne Foster perform, was so complimentary that we were expecting a fabulous evening. What we got was better than we could have imagined.

The talent of the musicians and singers was the equal of anything I, or anyone at the wedding, had ever seen. Several of our guests who have been going to A-list weddings for years said they had never seen a band that was as magical as this. I would agree. In all the concerts and clubs I have been to I have never heard better voices or musicianship, but what was as memorable as the technical excellence was the energy and spontaneity. Wayne Foster Entertainment worked harder than any band I have ever seen, but at the same time seemed to be having every bit as much fun as the audience. The momentum this created drew everyone into the moment.

Guest after guest went out of their way to tell us that Kim and Jay’s wedding was the best wedding they had ever been to.

It would never have been as good as it was without WFE’s talent, work ethic and their appreciation for the opportunity to make things unforgettable.

Cheryl and I both had so much fun we woke up the next morning thinking of reasons to have another party.

Thanks for the magic.

John and Cheryl
August 29, 2010

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