Charity Fundraisers

Music and entertainment makes an invaluable contribution to any charitable fundraising event. Wayne Foster Entertainment is an Integral part of many philanthropic organizations. We are proud of our ability to raise founds for charities by providing performances that not only keep supporters coming back year after year, they also attract new supporters. Our extensive musical repertoire and extraordinary level of talent easily evoke an energy that appeals to the young and young at heart. Our signature continuous musical entertainment format and knowing when to play each style of music make the difference between just playing music and creating a sensational event.


Experience the ultimate in contemporary entertainment: the only cohesive, guest involving, live music and choreographed dance production of its kind. Showdance provides a party atmosphere unparalleled. The stunning visual and musical impact of Showdance is a blend of dynamic choreography, magnificent costumes and dramatic computerized lighting and special effects, brought to life by our phenomenally talented musicians, vocalists, dancers, specialty performers, lighting designers and audio engineers that are Wayne Foster Entertainment at its best.

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